About Primal-D

For millions of years we have gotten our Vitamin D3 from sunlight exposure. We have never received the massively high doses of Vitamin D3 in our diet that we are seeing through modern day supplementation. People are consuming 1,000IUs, 5,000IUs, 10,000IUs even 20,000 IUs orally in supplements.

Orally administered Vitamin D3 has some well-known toxicity risks as well as negative effects on calcium and parathyroid hormone that can lead to unwanted calcium deposits in tissue of the heart and other organs.

These issues are not seen in D3 that is synthesized in the skin. But sun exposure is not enough quite often. UV rays stimulate the production of 7-Dehydrocholesterol which must then be converted to Pre-Vitamin D3 and then convert again to Vitamin D3 in the skin. This 3 step synthesis and conversion process can be inhibited by a number of factors. One of which ironically is UV rays! UV both stimulates the production and inhibits the conversion to Vitamin D3 in the skin. Another factor can be as innocuous as taking a shower after exposure to UV rays. The 3 step synthesis and conversion process can also be interrupted because it can take many hours for the 7-Dehydrocholesterol to convert to Pre-Vitamin D3 and then finally to Vitamin D3. Once again, reducing the production of the final desired Vitamin D3.

Primal-D Vitamin D Supplement SprayOnce converted to Vitamin D3 successfully the skin acts like a storage tank allowing Vitamin D3 to be picked up by local blood vessels and infused into the blood supply. It’s final conversion to the more active 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 and then finally to 1,25-hydroxy D is then facilitated. Primal-D is the first high performance topical Vitamin D3 product to hit the market. It bypasses the 3 phase synthesis and conversion process and delivers pure Vitamin D3 into the skin just like nature intended.

Primal-D is perfect for any person who understands the importance of optimal Vitamin D3 levels to sustain a healthy active life. There is only one Primal-D!

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