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How should I dose Primal-D?

All Vitamin D3 supplementation should include periodic blood testing to make sure you are both getting enough and not getting too much! A blood test prior to supplementation to identify baseline levels and then again in 2 – 3 months after regular supplementation should give you a snapshot of how much you need to use or use less of. Each pump/spray of Primal-D delivers 4,000IUs of Vitamin D3 to the skin. One spray per day should be good for most people. You can use up to 3 sprays a day if your blood test shows one spray a day isn’t doing the job. For those who find one spray a day is getting them into higher-than-desired ranges you can use one spray every other day or every third day until you are satisfied with your blood testing results. Always seek the advice of your doctor when evaluating your Vitamin D3 blood test results.

How long should a bottle of Primal-D last?

Based upon one spray/pump per day a bit over a year. There are approximately 420 single-spray serving in one 2 oz. bottle of Primal-D.

What is the shelf life of a bottle of Primal-D?

Each bottle of Primal-D has an expiration date stamped on the bottle. We manufactured Primal-D to have a shelf life of 3 years.

Doesn’t DMSO give you bad breath and body odor?

DMSO is available on the internet in a variety of grades. The type that is typically available over-the-counter is in a very crude form. This type of DMSO can cause a person’s body odor to change due to the high levels of impurities in it and the prevalence of higher amounts of a metabolite - dimethyl sulfide – which is what gives onion and garlic its odor. Primal-D uses United States Pharmacopeia DMSO which is used in drug delivery. This is the purest DMSO made under the most stringent pharmaceutical process. It is odorless at the doses suggested by Super Human Rx

How to Order Primal-D?

Click on the "BUY NOW" button which will subsequently link you to a secured PayPal Payment Page.

Tip: Be sure to always check the legit PayPal URL of the payment page (see image below)

PayPal Legit URL
How do you ship the products purchased?
We use USPS Priority Mail® Domestic and International Small Flat Rate Box to ship our products.
How much does shipping costs?

USPS Priority Mail® Small Flat Rate Box
Domestic (USA) - $5.80

USPS Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Box
Canada - $20.55
Other Countries-$24.75

A Small Flat Rate Box can handle up to 4 spray bottles.

For orders above 4, you may Contact Us first.

For USPS Shipping Info visit

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