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Testimonials | Primal-D

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"A week ago a very close friend of mine fell and hit her head. This caused a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) also known as a concussion. This one was a bit worse because about a year ago she was rear ended at 50mph and sustained some damage then. So here she is, completely incapacitated… the damage was enough to devastate her senses. Taste was gone, smell significantly altered, ocular and vestibular inputs were completely scrambled. That means she was living in hard core vertigo and spatial disorientation.

I bought the highest quality Vitamin D capsules I knew of but as mentioned before, when they are vomited up in minutes they are not a viable treatment. Then I remembered that Carl Lanore of Superhuman Radio is selling a topical Vitamin D. Carl helped me out in a big way by getting my order out the door and ensuring that he sent me some additional information on the product for use in this manner. The moment it arrived I applied it. Did she feel anything that evening? No. I applied it the next morning. She slept half the day. This was the first night she had slept well and then the first day she slept well during the day. When she woke up, good lord!! She was very different! Vertigo? Gone. Headache? Gone. Blurry vision? Gone. Nausea & vomiting? Gone. Extreme tiredness? Gone. Light sensitivity, dramatically reduced. Fast forward 24 hours and several more applications. Light sensitivity is almost completely gone. All other symptoms are gone. Energy is WAY up. Mental acuity fully restored. Cognitive ability fully restored.

V's recovery over the last few days has been a direct result of Primal-D and the ability to get it to her without going through the stomach. I simply cannot recommend this product enough and I must thank Carl Lanore profusely for his help. This has been no small contribution to the world and I cannot recommend it enough. If you don't have Primal-D, you need to."Nathanael Morrison, Military Fitness & Combat Conditioning Specialist, Colorado Springs, CO

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